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Patient Innovation Center

We are an advocacy based healthcare company with a focus on accessibility, education, and innovation. We started the #1 independent Healthcare Navigation program in the country to help consumers find options in affordable care.

About Our Program

What We Do

Our mission is to align community organizations with appropriate resources to serve under represented populations in healthcare and health education. We provide managed care support, academic resources, and funding opportunities for organizations to better stimulate community involvement in health administration.

Community Health Starts Here

We are currently working with statewide non-profits, community hospitals, and local colleges to provide access and awareness of our health navigation and health education services.

The Patient Innovation Center seeks community alliances among the following:

  • Religious and Non-profit entities
  • Academic Institutions
  • Hospital and Healthcare groups

Moving Forward in Patient Care

Learn more about community health strategies for your community!

Healthcare Navigation

Patients shouldn’t feel alone in the healthcare process. An individualized approach is key to the overall patient experience. Our navigators provide one on one assistance to patients and their families. We train our team to overcome the barriers to receiving quality healthcare. Our programs are created to train future workers to embrace their various backgrounds and use diversity of thought and experience to meet the needs of all patients.

Become a Healthcare Navigator.

Our programs are created to train future workers to assist local communities. We have programs to introduce you to this field or continue with your learning. Contact us to learn more about our trainings.

Navigators work in the community to assist with the healthcare enrollment for a variety of populations. They must adhere to the constantly changing provider systems and laws surrounding the ACA. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid services, a Health Navigator must:

  • Maintain expertise in eligibility; enrollment and program specifications.
  • Conduct public education activities to raise awareness about the Marketplace.
  • Provide information and services in a fair accurate and impartial manner. Facilitate selection of a Qualified Health Plan.
  • Provide referrals to any applicable office established under the Public Health Service Act.
  • Provide information in a manner that is culturally and linguistically appropriate to the needs of the population.
  • Ensure accessibility of Navigator tools and functions for individuals with disabilities in accordance to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Healthcare Informatics

There are numerous processes within healthcare that impact patient care. Healthcare begins with accessibility. At the moment of contact, a well strategized health informatics system can gather patient information and assess gaps in care to evaluate future outcomes.

Health Informatics

Managing Patient Data in the 21st Century

The Patient Innovation Center is building a new way to health management and the systematic processes for patient and community health. We offer a research pipeline that connects the collegiate world to local communities.

“Beyond the study of medicine, innovative careers in healthcare focus on the entire patient experience.”

Real World Applications

Our Health Informatics program emphasizes the real world application of data along with the information technology used to analyze and produce dynamic information that improves outcomes in health. We offer training solutions to bridge the gap between patient data and health outcomes.

Workforce Development

Learn about our course offerings for high school students and professional development courses for college undergrads and Ph.D. candidates. Our students participate in guided research and classroom instruction.

Preparing the next generation for careers in health

Defining the Bell Curve

The world isn’t what it use to be. Professionals in healthcare must understand the factors beyond biology that are needed to improve patient success. Patient demographics are changing and professionals in this field must demonstrate multiple intelligence if they are to be innovators in health. Understanding culture and language are critical in the quality of care. Diversity matters in healthcare. Our program is designed to provide underrepresented students who’ve demonstrated academic success, 21st century training in health informatics and health navigation.

Healthcare Training Program

We support a whole health education. Beyond the study of medicine, innovative careers in healthcare focus on the entire patient experience. We educate our Navigators to assess healthcare and accessibility before the doctor’s visit.

Navigator Training Program

The Navigator Program offers a seminar based learning environment led by senior health navigators working in the field. In addition to the mandated government learning requirements, students are educated on cultural barriers to enrollment using real life examples. We emphasize that going the extra mile is critical for enrollment success.

Workforce Development

Summer Pipeline

Looking at the current state of healthcare in the US, a growing number of consumers are enrolling in coverage due to improvements in accessibility. More patients means more data.

Summer Bridges

We offer two programs under the coverage to care model, Health Navigator Training and the Health Informatics Program.  We link the study of data to healthcare.

Our Partnerships

If your organization or company would like to impact health in under-served communities, or learn more
about one of our educational programs for students please go to our organizations page for more details.
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